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Our porcelain paving slabs are supplied by the well-known brand Simola Vitrified Tiles©, ensuring that our outdoor porcelain tiles meet stringent CE standards. This not only guarantees quality but also gives homeowners the assurance of both affordability and peace of mind backed by a reputable factory warranty. Beautify your patio garden confidently with Simola porcelain tiles.

Our porcelain paving slabs undergo a high-pressure technique on slabs composed of a mixture of clay, sand, and minerals. After digital printing and high-temperature baking, the surface reveals a vibrant array of colours and textures. These outdoor tiles are renowned for their outstanding strength, low water absorption, and full-color body, ensuring enduring and reliable quality.

Our Porcelain Paving Slabs Advantages:

Compliance with CE Standards: Our outdoor porcelain tiles adhere to CE standards, ensuring that product quality complies with European standards. Unlike other traders, our products are not merely labeled with owned brand and produced by small factories. Our products are the proprietary brands of renowned manufacturers Simola Vitrified Tiles©, with quality assurance provided by the factories.

Diverse Colour Options: We offer a wide range of colour choices, including grey, ivory, white, cream, beige, anthracite, and black, catering to various design preferences. We plan to consistently offer exclusive product lines specifically introduced for our the UK clientele, tailored to the preferences of our customers.

Durability: Porcelain paving slabs are highly durable and resistant to scratches, ensuring they maintain their aesthetic appeal even in high-traffic areas. Simola's more advanced press enhances the density of the porcelain slabs, while precise firing temperature control technology allows Simola Vitrified Tiles© outdoor tiles to fulfill the commitment to high-quality production.

Porcelain Paving Slabs Additional Benefits:

Outdoor porcelain tiles provide added benefits such as:

Non-Porous Surface: Higher pressure pressing and sintering temperatures result in the melting and subsequent solidification of the mixture, ensuring the porcelain tiles are void of pores. A non-porous surface minimizes water absorption to the greatest extent, reducing the risk of discoloration caused by water, fungi, and mold, and an even greater benefit is the reduction of the risk of paving slabs becoming brittle after absorbing water and freezing.

Ease of Maintenance: Issues like wear, scratches, and fading are minimized, and cleaning is simplified with a simple jet wash.

Ideal for Contemporary Outdoor Spaces: These advantages make our outdoor porcelain tiles an ideal choice for creating contemporary gardens and patios. We will continue to provide exclusive product ranges specially launched for the UK customers

Why Choose Us as Your Porcelain Paving Slabs Supplier:

Partnering with India's largest 20mm outdoor porcelain tiles factory Simola Tiles Group and a prominent UK distribution centre Paving Slabs UK, we guarantee top-tier quality meeting the highest CE standards. Our commitment to consistent excellence, coupled with favorable pricing, positions us as the preferred choice for outdoor porcelain tiles, ensuring optimal value for your investment. We are supported by Simola Vitrified Tiles© UK Distributor.

How to Verify the Origin of Outdoor Porcelain Tiles You Purchased?

Click on above link, and paving experts will guide you on selecting porcelain paving slabs and help you determine if your purchase is worthwhile.

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Porcelain Paving Slabs By Simola Vitrified Tiles© UK Distibution Centre
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