Cropped Granite Setts 50mm

Cropped granite setts 50mm is handmade split in the natural face, this natural stone block paving exclusively sourced from our own quarry in China with high quality.

We sell to eBay sellers and traders with trade term, and we don’t split crate to protect the benefit of our trade buyers.

Mid grey granite setts 50mm depth are our classical block paving setts, we also supply 100mm depth stone setts.

Collection Description of Cropped Granite Setts 50mm

  • Stone Varieties: Cropped Granite Setts 50mm
  • Material: Granite Setts
  • Colour: Mid Grey, Blue Grey, Silver Grey
  • Finished Face: Cropped, Natural Paving
  • Anti-Slip: Yes
  • Thickness: Nominal 50 mm
  • Calibrated: Uncalibrated
  • Edge: Cropped Natural
  • Made in: China
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