Granite Paving Slabs

Granite paving slabs, granite stones are our typical garden stones for outdoor space, it performances anti-slip character, hard-wearing to transform the patio into a contemporary aesthetic. We are supported by Westone company.

We typically deal silver grey granite stone paving slabs, blue-grey granite stone paving slabs, and pink granite stone paving slabs for traders landscapers and public with guarantee consistent quality and cost-efficient.

Granite Paving Introduction

Granite is natural stone, which means it differs in composition and colour. Mineral balance in granite stone can cause colour changes such as black, grey, rose, and yellow. The more common the colour, then the cheap paving slabs.

Stone Paving Direct supplies many types of granite stone paving whether you are looking for granite paving slabs and flags, or granite stone setts and cobbles for edging and border, we offer a complete range of granite stones.

Below is Apart of Famous Granite Stone Varieties:

  • Silver Grey Granite - G603
  • Blue Grey Granite - G654
  • Black Basalt - G684
  • Pink Granite - G664
  • Yellow Granite - G682

Granite paving stone can be polished to achieve a smooth surface or to maintain a natural feeling by flamed to a textured surface. A regularly shaped granite paving material usually has a rectangle or square of different sizes.

Cropped granite setts and cobbles can provide an appearance maybe the first choice for an old-fashioned outdoor space.

Short Description of Granite Stones

  • Stone Varieties: Granite Paving
  • Material: Granite
  • Colours: Silver Grey, Blue Grey, Mid Grey, Blue Black, Pink
  • Finished Face: Flamed, Textured, Cropped
  • Anti-Slip: Yes
  • Thickness: Nominal 20 mm, 25 mm, 50 mm
  • Calibrated: Calibrated, or Uncalibrated
  • Edge: Sawn, Cropped, Tumbled
  • Manufacturer: Oversea own quarry and factory

We are Best One of Suppliers for Granite Paving, Stone Setts, Edging Stones

One shareholder of Stone Paving Direct Ltd focuses on the supply chain of silver grey, blue grey, pink, and glacier ice granite paving, which including quarry, factory, trade, and market. We are biggest one of paving stones importers and suppliers of granite paving, setts and cobbles based on Milton Keynes in the UK. We wholesale and retail granite paving and granite setts to trade and the public in different prices policy.

Pros of Granite Stone Paving

Granite has many advantages that make it desirable for use in garden patio and driveway. Granite paving is:

Highly durable and stand up to years of foot traffic without losing original colour
Not easily subject to shifting, buckling or cracking, even in changing weather
Resistant to wear, scratches and chipping
Heat-resistant, making them a good choice for areas that get a lot of suns
Fireproof and able to withstand the high temperatures in fire pits
Non-slip when purchased with a flamed finish; safe for use around pools
Easy to maintain when properly installed and sealed
Aesthetically pleasing

Cons of Granite Stone Paving

There are only a few disadvantages that homeowners should consider when looking at granite stone for patios or walkways. Depending on the colour and design, granite stone can be expensive than natural sandstone paving and limestone paving, some types going for almost £23~29 per square meter. Also, though flamed stones should successfully bead water, there may be microscopic holes where staining liquids can seep in if left to sit for too long. Once absorbed, these stains can be difficult to remove and will affect the stone's overall appearance, even so, they are much better at water absorption and staining characteristics than sandstone paving. So we recommend seal both top and bottom faces while laying, also correct laying is necessary.

Collect paving slabs, patio slabs at our Paving Stone Warehouse:

Retailers and landscapers are welcome to collect at our distribution centre in the bigger discount of trade term, Call us on 01908 973 298. We are the distribution centre of granite quarry in the UK.

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