Porcelain Paving Slabs New Designs

All the new porcelain paving slabs designs for RioStone© 2024 outdoor tiles, wholesale by Westone©, have been carefully planned. Some replicate the natural textures of sandstone, limestone, marble, and slate, while others mimic the elegance of matte-finish cement. These unique designs are produced using Simola© advanced technological equipment, covering material selection, production, inspection, and packaging, reflecting our commitment to global consumers.

The development of outdoor porcelain tiles new designs is based on extensive customer feedback accumulated during long-term sales in the UK. We thoroughly investigated the colour and texture preferences of UK consumers, sought advice from UK market personnel, and collaborated with our forward-thinking design team. In 2024, we will launch an exclusive series by Westone© customized to serve UK trade customers. We have opted not to supply this series to the Indian market through traders to prevent resale to consumers.

These meticulously designed outdoor porcelain paving tiles, as part of our RioStone@ brand, aim to set trends in the 2024 UK outdoor space, complementing our previously launched designs. Wholesale customers can get in touch with Westone for more information.

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