Split Face Tiles Interior 360 x 100 x 7-11

Split face tiles 360 x 100 are produced by natural stones such as sparkle quartz, slate, marble, which elegantly bring natural-looking but contemporary aesthetic impression for wall decoration to internal application. It also is named as stone cladding, stacked stone, wall cladding panels, Z panel clad. These dramatic real natural stone panels are variable depth and shade varies widely. Their uber-cool and uber-trendy in the boutique are perfect enjoying of stunning scenery.

Split Face Tiles Are Used With Interior Background Decoration

Split face tiles 360 x 100 usually are applied to interior walls for TV unit, living room, bathroom, background, kitchen room, fireplace of the homeowner, and fashion shop, fashion furniture store, and all stores with fashion elements. Split face tiles 360 x 100 is also applied to exterior landscape walls somewhere. It gives a sophisticated natural stone impression for your next walling aesthetics.

We Wholesale Split Face Tiles on Behalf of Shareholder Factory

Our shareholder oversea factory Westone® has been producing split face tiles with consistent quality in China since 2009. We found the distribution centre of Westone® split face tiles in the UK. Welcome the trader and landscaper to collect at Felixstowe warehouse. Call us on 01908 973 298 to get trade discount.

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