Luxury Vinyl Flooring (6mm, Free Delivery)

Luxury vinyl flooring is Rigid Core LVT click flooring with authentic wood-look designed for your busy life and works, produced by limestone powder, polymer composite and stabilizer (named as SPC Flooring), they are easy to install, clean and maintenance, ultra-durable, and 100% waterproof, suitability for bathroom, kitchen, living room, bedroom, as well as some commercial space.

There are two kinds of luxury vinyl flooring, the first is Rigid Core luxury vinyl click plank, another is Glue Down luxury vinyl tiles (we don't sell this Self-Adhesive LVT). These new generations of luxury vinyl flooring planks are designed to quickly and easily transform your interior space in a contemporary style at affordable prices.

Why EverLVT® Premium Luxury Vinyl Flooring is Your Best Choice

Our company focuses on creating a world-class brand of Luxury Vinyl Flooring, all of our click vinyl flooring LVT are designed in the UK and produced in the best level factories. Our consistent character of focus on the quality and existing high-efficiency supply chain can make it possible to supply high-quality luxury vinyl flooring to consumers in the UK at the best prices.

EverLVT® Premium series click floorings focus on bringing the world's best luxury vinyl flooring to UK consumers. Our click luxury vinyl flooring 6.00 mm uses the 4.45 mm thickest Rigid Core, the wear-layer thickest is 0.55 mm exceed the comparable standard, and the underpad does not use odorous EVA rather than uses non-odour 1.00 mm IXPE. We proudly say that EverLVT® Premium series eco-friendly luxury vinyl flooring is a world-class flooring with a long-term warranty by the factory and SPD.

EverLVT® Premium Luxury Vinyl Flooring is an Ideal Option for Homeowners

EverLVT® Premium luxury vinyl flooring is designed to resemble hardwood with wood grain strips, each style of flooring plank mimics a specific type of wood colour and grain from oak to hickory and beyond. Because LVT flooring plank imitates hardwood, you’re sure to find our product that matches the fashion of your home’s decor. Also, luxury vinyl flooring is a budget-friendly option for renovators who want the look of hardwood without the complex installation and high cost.

The Benefits of EverLVT® Premium Luxury Vinyl Flooring?

Whether your home decor style is retro fashion or modern minimalist style, the luxury vinyl plank flooring can help you get the look you need. It has a variety of colours and patterns that can imitate natural materials, such as oak, walnut boards, marble grain and colours, they are scratch-resistant, slip-resistant, and stain-resistant. LVT flooring can handle high-traffic areas of the home for decades and still look great.

The primary factor of luxury vinyl flooring is that luxury comes down to style. LVT flooring is suitable for the combination of visual aesthetics, such as pattern schemes, natural wood colours and as well as replication. Most importantly, customers can experience a more luxury floor without the typical trouble of self-installation, because our luxury vinyl plank flooring is considered one of the easier flooring tiles of DIY renovation for homeowners.

EverLVT® Premium Luxury Vinyl Flooring is 100% Waterproof

Luxury vinyl flooring includes stone plastic composite (SPC) vinyl, made from natural limestone powder, polyvinyl chloride, and stabilizer, which is also known as rigid core vinyl, it can be installed over many types of flooring as a floating floor.

EverLVT® Premium Series 6.0 mm Click Luxury Vinyl Flooring High Performance

As with all of the EverLVT® Premium range, this flooring has an embossed finish as real wood texture, and bevelled edge on 4 sides, helping it to mimic the look and texture of natural wooden floors whilst being 100% waterproof. A great option for interior flooring, it can be used for both residential and commercial applications.

Commercial-Grade Standard, Consumer Grade Price - Premium Quality Guarantee

When it comes to performance, our EverLVT® Premium range comes packed with features that means it doesn’t just look good, it’s made to last in your home. The 0.55 mm wear-layer helps to protect against scratches and wear from general usage, whilst the 4.45 mm rigid core with Stone Plastic Composite helps to make sure this flooring are 100% waterproof and non-easy broken characteristics. The underlayer with 1.00 mm IXPE helps provide our luxury click vinyl flooring with soundproofing and moisture prevention properties – not to mention offering the user cushioned support when walking, lending itself to a luxurious feel underfoot. An overall thickness 6.00 mm.

This flooring looks good wherever you want to place it in your home, with a finish that is both seamless and timeless. From the kitchen, living room and dining room to bathrooms and even bedrooms… this is a multi-functional flooring option we think you’re sure to love.

Tips: Please note that although these our click flooring planks are waterproof, they cannot prevent moisture damaging underground subfloors, please ensure proper installation and checks are carried out prior to installation to ensure any known issues are addressed and treated in advance of installation.

EverLVT® Premium Luxury Vinyl Flooring (Big Brand & Outstanding Prices)

Wholesale Opportunities: If you are a trade customer and are looking for a premium range of luxury vinyl flooring for your projects or to resell, please get in touch by calling 01908 973 298.

Retailers, property developers and building contractors are welcome to collect at our distribution centre in Colchester, delivery can be arranged too. Talk to us about the generous discounts on offer and be part of our B2B club that is focussed on delivering outstanding value. Our team are on hand to help you, call us on 01908 973 298.

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