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Split face tiles is the end of amazing wall tiles to make your property look completely refreshed for exterior and interior wall. With natural split face tiles you can make your outbuildings blend into your garden, or create outstanding within your interior wall, or make any commercial and domestic property stand out with a contemporary makeover. Split face tiles is referred to as split face mosaic tiles, which can instantly give a contemporary renovate to all existing building except new building.

Where Is The Natural Split Face Tiles Used?

Natural split face tiles is usually applied to wall covering for external of building, and internal covering for living room, bathroom, background, kitchen room, also applied to uber-cool and uber-trendy fashion elements in the boutiques, such as restaurant, fashion shop, fashion home store, and all shops enjoying the stunning scenery.

Our Cladding Sourced Directly From Shareholder Factory

Stone Paving Direct supplies high-quality Westone© split face tiles to cover both exterior and interior walls, which can instantly improve your property aesthetics. We only directly import cladding from our shareholder factory, it can keep the consistent quality to match the EU and the UK high-quality standard.

Westone© high-quality cladding is specifically designed by natural stones for exterior and interior walls. Our split face tiles direct sourced from our shareholder-owned factory. Cladding is made by different gneiss, quartz, sandstone, slate, travertine and is available in several stylish colours, carefully picked to suit every desired aesthetic. Our split face tiles preserves the natural aesthetic of wall cladding but with added durability and much less maintenance. We accept bespoke order of huge quantity to match contract plans to ensure your project be punctually delivered to the clients, give us a call on: 01908 973 298.

Split Face Tiles Is Environmentally Friendly

Natural split face tiles is environmentally friendly cladding. The split face tiles is made of natural stones, mixed with environmentally friendly glue or cement according to the natural shape of the stone with models. A small amount of cutting raw material waste was friendly treated in the factory, and there is almost no waste material on the project site.

Our split face tiles can be fitted to brick, block, concrete, and unlike other cladding alternatives, our split face tiles can also cover pebbledash and render if joists can be installed. split face tiles is the perfect solution for giving your exteriors and interiors a high-quality face-lift. Our split face tiles can render natural and simple, or contemporary trend style using this very lightweight pre-fix material.

A High Quality & Efficient Face-Lift By Westone© Split Face Tiles.

The natural stone material also makes our cladding durable-ware and weathering resistant character of exterior covering. Improving their longevity and minimising the regular maintenance required for other cladding options. Quick and simple installation with 8-10 times faster than traditional masonry, and virtually non-existent product waste. Westone© natural split face tiles installation requires no skilled labour or machinery.

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