Exterior Stone Cladding

Exterior stone cladding Z shaped panel is gaining in popularity use for external wall of building, as well as the wall of outdoor space in the garden. Its ease of use and natural beauty attracted more and more homeowners and construction professionals alike. Exterior stone cladding is an excellent choice for exterior applications, sometimes, the architects also use these natural stone panels to decorate interior grand hall.

What is The Exterior Stone Cladding Z Shaped

Exterior stone cladding panels have a unified and linear appearance enhanced by the irregular shape of each piece and a beautiful bold colour that gives dramatic shadows changing with the sunlight. Made of loose of a natural stone external layer or split stone of the best selection of gneiss, quartz, limestone, slate, granite, marble, sandstone and others. These exterior stone claddings are constructed in an interlocking-shaped form for a beautiful installation free of jarring seam lines and without grouting needed.

Exterior Stone Cladding Applications and Uses

Exterior stone cladding has always been one of most popular natural stone wall cladding for external wall of the building and out space of garden in the UK. The natural finish is apparent in its robust surface and makes it a great choice for most applications. Exterior stone cladding gives a great strength character to any area, as well as the tranquillity of nature. Can be used in commercial or residential cladding, for just details of great extensions as facades.

The Benefits of Exterior Stone Cladding

Doesn’t require a footing;
Adds value to the property;
Easy to install;
Relatively minimal maintenance;

Other Names of Exterior Stone Cladding

Other common names used in the industry for these products are stone cladding, stacked stone, Z Clad, stone cladding panels, stone wall panels, etc.

Direct Distributor of Exterior Stone Cladding

As a prime manufacturer, Westone­ produces a comprehensive and high quality but affordable prices for versatile stone cladding system, which is distributed by Stone Paving Direct in the UK. We supply exterior stone cladding systems to trade and public at wholesale prices.

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