Split crate service only for single size packs; Patio packs can not be splited crate.

Full crate option is always the best value

We encourage the consumers to buy full crate of stone slabs so that we have no extra work to unpack, repackage, and purchase pallets. Also shipping costs are usually contracted with third freight companies, and the minimum charge for each item is fixed. It is obvious that the transportation cost of the whole crate is the most cost-effective.

We have listed a large number of package options under each product item. Due to the workload and transportation costs, the more the quantity is the cheaper in unit price until the whole crate of stone paving slabs is the cheapest. In one word, the UNIT PRICE is different.

Customers need splitting crates

However, many consumers do not need to buy the whole crate, or after buying the whole crates of stone slabs, they can not complete their project, so they add a small amount, which requires the purchase of non-full-crate goods. Of course, we would accept the order for splitting crate.

Based on the above price principle, consumers should choose as more quantity as possible to be close to your actual usage, so that the average unit price is the most cost-effective. Please consider 5-10% damage while choosing, which is the traditional rule of the building stone industry.

  • More quantity, more cheaper
  • The full crate is cheapest

Splitting crate and unit price

The unit price of many merchants is kept consistent, so this price system is not favourable to consumers because their unit price is usually calculated according to the minimum purchase amount, and consumers usually need various quantities, so we provide split crate for single size packs service. This selling is based on a policy of more quantity then more cheaper.

SPLIT CRATE service is a cumbersome job in sales, that require extra physical strength and packaging materials, so please kindly understand that the unit price after splitting is higher than one of the full crate, which is determined by the extra workload, packaging materials and shipping costs.

The quantity of bespoke and bundle deal

For any non-standard quantity option of our products list, you can call us for a detailed quote.

For bundle deal option of your requirement, you can call us for a detailed quote.

Order a standard sample online

Details of standard samples (100 x 100 mm) are detailed within each item listing, you can directly buy a sample by drop-down option in the product page.

If you need assistance, please contact us 01908 973 298.

If you want to order a full size sample or bespoke sample, you could understand our policy in HERE.