Porcelain Paving 600 x 600

If you looking for porcelain paving but also appreciate the cost-effectiveness. This is why the 600 x 600 porcelain slabs marry the best of both into one single slab. The unit price of 600 x 600 slabs are definitely lower than the slabs of 900 x 600, and the probability of damage is also much smaller than 900x600. It also has more flexibility in laying.

Porcelain paving is comparable to the price of sandstone paving.

The price range of porcelain paving slabs can vary widely, but generally, they are not necessarily more expensive than other paving materials. With the increasing number of tile suppliers in the market, the days of exorbitant prices are gone. Now, the cost of outdoor porcelain tiles is comparable to that of natural sandstone paving and significantly lower than Brazilian slate paving. Especially, the price of light-colored 600 x 600 porcelain paving is almost equivalent to the price of sandstone.

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