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Slate roof tiles, roofing slate by shareholder's quarry - famous Westone black roofing slate tiles, the Best of Breaking Tenacity in the World. If you are a consumer or a roofing contractor, you should be excited after you are viewing this roofing slate collection.

Westone roof slate is the famous roof slate

Yes, a subsidiary of Chinese black roofing slate quarry is here in the UK to sell roof slate tiles on behalf of the parent company. Our parent company Westone has been bringing high-quality roofing slates to the UK through a British businessman since 1997. Our co-owner and co-founder Mr Wang Cheng is the most famous supplier in the roofing slate industry all over the world and has been involving the roofing slate industry since 1997.

Now, Stone Paving Direct Ltd sell a Chinese black roofing slate online shop here, we invite roofing contractors to buy our roofing slate directly without going through any middlemen.

Westone roof slate is reliable quality and affordable slate

Our premium Chinese roof slate meets the standards required and established for climate change throughout the UK. Our respected Spanish and Brazilian quarry counterparts also produce high-quality roofing slates, but there is not any slate in the world that has the following characteristics of our roofing slates:

  • Best of breaking tenacity, our slate tiles are rarely broken, unlike competitors' slate which almost breaks 1/3.
  • Consistent thickness, easy to lay.
  • No curved surface, easy to lay.
  • The pyrite spots are not prone to holes and rain.
  • 600 x 300 slate tiles have a large proportion in all output, the bigger size improves the work efficiency for contractors.
  • Beautiful texture and grain, solemn and elegant.
  • Moderate fading makes the roof look very historical.

Westone roof slate is synonymous with Chinese roofing slate

Well, we do hope we can be your roofing slates supplier of choice and help you "save while your roof". Welcome trader and landscaper to collect natural roofing slate in trade term at the stone warehouse in Felixstowe.

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