China Slate Paving Slabs

China slate paving, Chinese slate slabs - Midnight black slate and multicolour slate in the following sizes 900x600, 600x600, 600x300, 600 series patio packs. China slate paving slabs are riven natural split face with a little riven face, the calibrated thickness with consistent depth 20mm +-2.

China slate varieties

China slate paving slabs show off shades of black, grey, brown, taupe, and beige. Some slates will be solid black or near solid grey while others may be predominantly rust-brown or shades of multicolours. We define them as midnight black slate and multicolour copper slate. All Westone® China slate slabs are from our shareholder's factory in China - we ship to the UK and other countries.

Why China slate is preferred paving slate

Not Easy to Break: Unlike Brazilian slate, China paving slates have excellent toughness and are not easy to fracture, although they are subtle riven and have some random lines on the face, these differences move slabs an incredible effect. It is the reason why so many British people prefer China paving slate for their contemporary and countryside patio.

High Traffic Resistant: China slate paving slabs midnight black slate and multicolour copper slate are incredibly hard-wearing, extremely durable, slip-resistant and suitable for use for the high traffic environment with free sealed and low maintenance character. The surface of China midnight slate will become smooth after age going.

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China slate paving slabs
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