Stone Paving Direct Ltd brief introduction

Stone Paving Direct Ltd dedicated to natural stone wholesale and retail, we are direct importers and suppliers of China granite paving slabs and tiles, Brazilian slate paving slabs and floor tiles, Indian sandstone paving slabs, vitrified porcelain paving and limestone paving slabs, stone wall cladding, stone block paving for patio, path, driveway, public square and walkway.

Stone Paving Direct Ltd has two shareholders, one is Mr. Ravi Onthriar, who is the owner of Bluesky Stone Direct and the other is Mr. Wang Cheng, who is the owner of Westone Natural Stone Slate Co., Ltd in China.

Mr. Ravi Onthriar has more than 11 years of experience in UK stone marketing, his major business is retail and wholesale stone cladding, Indian sandstone paving and limestone paving and Brazilian slate paving and flooring. Mr. Wang Cheng has more than 20 years of experience in stone quarry, manufacture, and supply chain.

Together with other Indian sandstone and limestone quarries and factories, Brazilian slate quarries and factories and Chinese granite quarries and stone cladding factories, they found this new company Stone Paving Direct Ltd.

Reasons for our existence

The natural stone retailers want to buy stone products from Chinese suppliers and Indian suppliers, maybe they don't need a full container of stone products, or maybe they want to buy different stones from different factories and quarries and mix them into a full container shipping to UK;

The consumers want to buy stone slabs and tiles at a reasonable price, maybe they want to find the most direct resource of stone products for renovate and reconstruction of the residence;

The landscapers and home contractors want to buy the direct resource of natural stones to serve their customers, in order to maintain own reasonable profits, but also to give their customers best valued products and services;

The natural stone importers want to abandon some of their less-specialized variety because of the cumbersome stone categories, but they don't want product range to be too monotonous;

The building materials supermarkets want to seek low price stone slabs and tiles with quality assurance, but do not want to spend high wages to send people to purchase stone overseas.

How we do it

Now, Stone Paving Direct Ltd is here, we are one of direct stone importers and stone suppliers that came into being for your needs. We are UK stone importer joint venture with Chinese stone quarry and factory, Indian stone quarry and factory, Brazilian slate quarry and factory, mainly engaged in granite paving slabs and tiles, slate paving slabs and floor tiles, stone wall cladding, stone block paving for patio, path, driveway, public square and walkway.

Claiming great quality and low prices is easier said than done, it breaks down as follows

  • We are giving the stone retailers the wholesale prices that they have never carried out in the UK, with flexible and reliable service and supply, so that retails can keep a reasonable profit and competitive advantage in the competition;
  • We are giving the consumers the most direct and reasonable prices, buying stone products from us on behalf of quarry and factory;
  • We are giving landscapers and home contractors unprecedented support, we can customized produce non-standard products directly from our factory, and improve engineering efficiency with fast and efficient delivery;
  • We are giving British importers reasonable prices less than existing one, purchase spot stone tiles without waiting for a long time, you don’t need to tell your customers over and over again that “the goods are coming soon”;
  • We are serving the UK building materials supermarket by face to face with our representatives, to understand how our factory produces the stone products to meet the demand of British consumers.

As the one of stone suppliers and importers, we are a joint venture with UK stone merchant and overseas stone quarries and factories, we directly involved and can ensure consistent quality from batch to batch. We do not buy from lots of suppliers, but instead work directly with owned quarries and factories. We also keep our costs lowest by focusing on the essentials - you pay for the products not the gloss.

Our service areas in UK

Stone Paving Direct Ltd supply and deliver natural stone tiles to following most areas of the UK

London, Birmingham, Liverpool, Nottingham, Sheffield, Bristol, Glasgow, Leicester, Edinburgh, Leeds, Cardiff, Manchester, Stoke-on-Trent, Coventry, Sunderland, Birkenhead, Islington, Reading, Kingston upon Hull, Preston, Newport, Swansea, Bradford, Southend-On-Sea, Belfast, Derby, Plymouth, Luton, Wolverhampton, Southampton, Blackpool, Milton Keynes, Bexley, Northampton, Archway, Norwich, Dudley, Aberdeen, Portsmouth, Newcastle upon Tyne, Sutton, Swindon, Crawley, Ipswich, Wigan, Croydon, Walsall, Mansfield, Oxford, Warrington, Cambridge and all over most areas of the UK.

Special projects

Having our own production allows us to cater for "special projects" - so if you have a particular requirement that is "non-standard" you are likley to be pleasantly surpised how cost effectively we can produce this and deliver it to you. This is likley to appeal to

  • Architects,
  • Designers
  • Property Developers
  • Private Indivuals

Minimum order for production of speical sizes is 100 m2

Our pricing

Saving over 20-30% - without the middleman we connect you directly with our quarry overseas and have invested jointly in the production process to deliver CE certified products of the highest quality at a fraction of the price you would typically find.