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Silver grey granite and mid grey granite quarry

We directly import silver grey granite paving slabs and mid grey granite paving slabs from a quarry owned by one shareholder, and production factory locates at quarry area, and we have been supplying granite slabs and tiles to over the world from China more than 20 years.

Now, a Chinese stone supplier comes to the UK created a marketing company with Bluesky Stone, the new company named as Stone Paving Direct Ltd. We deal with traders, contractors and public. Of course, we adopt a different level of prices policy to smoothly market our granite paving slabs and tiles in the UK. All granite slabs stocked in Felixstowe distribution centre, as well as showroom in Milton Keynes.

China has rich resource of silver grey granite and mid grey granite in the world, the flamed slabs are suitable for external paving and floor application, such as patio paving, driveway, walkway and pathway, the polished tiles and are suitable for walling, floor of living room, kitchen, bathroom.

grey granite quarry

silver grey granite factory

How we price for granite paving slabs

We dare to declare that we are supplying the best quality silver granite paving slabs and mid grey granite paving slabs in best prices across the nationwide.

Claiming great quality and low prices is easier said than done, but we can do it, it breaks down as follows

  • The source (direct quarry owned)
  • The quality of the production process (directly produced by factory owned)
  • Low operational costs (no middleman)

By investing jointly with our quarry (shareholder) and our production facilities in China, we are directly involved and can ensure consistent quality from batch to batch. We do not buy from lots of suppliers, but instead, work very closely with our own shareholders. We also keep our costs low by focusing on the essentials - you pay for the products but not the English Big Brand.

UK stone merchant in Brazil

Brazilian slate quarry direct source

The one of shareholders, Mr. Ravi Leo Onthriar have been marketing Brazilian slate for patio paving more than 11 years, and he has been constructed very closing relationship with Brazilian slate quarry, he regularly visits Brazil for inspection quarry and factory, Bluesky Stone is biggest one of Brazilian slate merchants in middle of UK. The brand Rioslate (Bluesky Stone Trade Mark) has below character

  • Super Flat
  • Super Smooth
  • Consistent Thickness
  • Best Value

Our pricing for Brazilian slate

Saving over 60% - without the middleman we connect you directly with our quarry partners overseas and have invested jointly in the production process to deliver CE certified products of the highest quality at a fraction of the price you would typically find.

Brazilian grey slate patio paving

The price policy for Indian sandstone paving and limestone paving

The sterling pound is very valuable compared to the Indian rupee, and Indian sandstone and limestone have the very cheap ex-factory prices, so the landing prices should not be higher even with all the logistics and marketing costs, but they are not cheaper what they should be in the current paving market. They are now cheaper than before. How expensive were the previous prices?

How do you think the current prices are reasonable enough? We don't think so. They are still a high-margin products, and only a few suppliers sell Indian sandstone and limestone paving slabs in reasonable margins. We are such sellers, we are participating in the competition with a new price strategy, and let our consumers no longer spend more money.

We are willing to sell at the cheaper prices for Indian sandstone and limestone

Indian sandstone quarry

Our Indian sandstone paving slabs and limestone paving slabs directly come from Indian quarry and factory owned by the relatives of Ravi (shareholder of Stone Paving Direct Ltd), so our marketing prices are most competitive in the UK.

If the consumer sees that the normal sales price of Indian sandstone and limestone paving from other merchants is lower than our price (does not include the clearance price), please let us know then you can get the same price.