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Paving stones, natural stone paving & flags - Directly come from overseas quarry and factories by our shareholder – You are shopping in the online store which was found by paving stones supply chain experts. We own stone quarries and factories in China - 100% under our control and management.

Paving Stones What We Stocked and Whare We Are

We stock a broad variety of paving slabs, patio slabs, with materials including non-slip granite, Indian sandstone, limestone, and slate. We don’t talk the talk - just check out our prices online for granite sandstone limestone paving stones and see how they compare to the competition. We have a showroom in Milton Keynes and a stone wholesale in Felixstowe.

Stone Paving Supply Chain Experts

Our teams are made up of UK and Chinese nationals, all of them have more than 20 years’ experience of wealthy knowledge for the stone paving supply chain.

We are recognized in the stone industry worldwide and this has enabled us to sign exclusive contracts with quarries and factories in Indian sandstone, limestone quarry, and Brazilian slate quarry with whom we have existing trading relationships. This advantage allows us to create tremendous value for our UK customer base.

Stone Paving Direct - Saving Money

We really mean this - it's hugely satisfying and it really does make great business sense. The more customers we can help to save money the happier we feel as we know that word of mouth is the backbone of how we will grow.

Well, that's how we do it, we do hope we can be your stone paving supplier of choice and help you "save while you pave". Welcome trader and landscaper to collect natural stone paving in trade term at the stone warehouse in Felixstowe.

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Stone Paving From Own Quarry and Factory by Shareholder Granite, Sandstone, Limestone, Slate High Quality Stone Paving with Outstanding Prices
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