Slate Paving Slabs

Slate paving slabs add a touch of style and charm, perfect for garden paving, patio paving, and walkway. Each of these 100% slate slabs has its own character and tone - together these unique variations harmonies as one stunning paving.

Westone® China Slate Paving Slabs

We sell Westone® China slate paving slabs to the UK and other countries under brand Westone®. Our midnight black slate is solid black or near solid grey, and multicolour copper slate be predominantly rust-brown or shades of multicolours. We define our China slate as midnight black slate and multicolour copper slate. All Westone® China slate slabs come from our shareholder's factory in China.

All of Westone® China slate are non-slippery, cleft and riven surface, incredible hard-wearing, which provide a durable and attractive paving option.

RioSlate® Brazilian Slate Paving, Slate Slabs

We sell Brazilian slate in the UK and other European countries under our brand RioSlate. Working this way gives us a lot of buying power so we can often provide a much better-quality product for less.

Our Brazilian slate paving, slate slabs usually are riven natural split face with the very flat and smooth face, the calibrated thickness with consistent depth 20mm +-1.

As a paving slabs choice especially, Brazilian slate's varying colours add a truly unique look to your patio paving. Brazilian slate paving is available in two colours, one is black slate paving, another is grey slate paving, both of them are typically dense, hard and have a low water absorption range.

Consistent Quality Under Our Control

Consistent quality always unlike some, we don't mix resource come from different quarries, so we can assure you of consistency and texture. Some small merchants slate imported is often the result of sourcing from multiple small factories with very little quality control in place.

Slate Paving Slabs are Best Option for Ourdoor Paving

Slate paving slabs brings the beauty to your garden patio paving. Natural slate is a beautiful natural stone that can be used to add different colours and textures to your landscape making your outdoor hardscape both functional and attractive.

Slate paving slabs are generally a good one of the paving stones to use outdoors (wherever you live in the UK) because it has a very low absorption rate. Overall, slate's natural water-resistance makes it a good option for the British climate.

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slate paving slabs
Slate Paving Slabs Consistent Quality Sell in the UK and Europe
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