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The high-quality glue adhesive that binds the floor to the ground is strong and durable, making the floors resilient and reliable. Glue-down vinyl flooring is a fantastic way to bring your dream space to a reality - While glue-down may require extra materials for its installation compared to other vinyl floors, these materials ensure that you have a durable and long lasting floor for a long time to come. No matter what your taste or requirement, you’ll find a more than suitable option in glue down vinyl flooring.


Glue-down vinyl planks and tiles are not only gorgeous to look at but also they offer many benefits for everyday use. Their relatively thick wear layer vouches for the durability and resistance of these amazing vinyl tiles. This layer and the generally sturdier build of glue-down vinyl plank flooring makes it particularly stable, resistant to scratches, and easy to clean. Thus, cleaning and maintaining your glue-down LVT is simple. The use of regular household cleaning chemicals is not a problem for most of the glue-down varieties. In addition, the feel of modern vinyl planks and tiles has a lot to offer: thanks to innovative manufacturing processes, the vinyl tiles and planks nowadays are made with natural, realistic surfaces, making each space look its best. The surface of these floors is coated with a PUR treatment, giving the floor's resistance to scratches and abrasions. They are also anti-slip despite the completely flat and smooth surface. Thanks to modern technology, the production form most, if not all, manufacturers are eco-compatible and produce 100% recyclable products.


Glue down is a classic and has been a laying technique for years. Because of this, almost all manufacturers have a collection of glue down floors. This means there are many different styles, tastes, and designs in almost every shade and texture you can imagine. We only offer you the best and high-quality collections from the leading manufacturers. Our top manufacturers offer many different styles, ranging from realistic washed, natural wood looks to fine marble and granite patterns, that you are sure to find the ideal vinyl flooring.

These glue-down vinyl floors and tiles can thus contribute to very diverse atmospheres, depending on your requirements. Due to increasing demand for high-quality products, luxury vinyl flooring is almost indistinguishable from the true wood floors visually and texturally. There is also a huge price benefit, giving you the best possible products for a better financial outcome. With numerous collections available, from Gerflor to Tarkett, you have a range of products that give you every possible option you could wish for. There are many manufacturers of luxury vinyl floors; we offer you a choice from the most recognized manufacturers and their creations. Just to name a few you can find Amtico, Joka, Tarkett, and Gerflor.


The high-quality Gerflor Creation glue down collection has products that can elevate your space to an urban, industrial look, or you can go for a vintage, rustic feel with other varieties within the same collection. This resilient flooring solution was made to last and will easily withstand everyday wear and tear for many years to come. These LVT floors come in modern as well as classical designs, offering something for every taste. This diverse collection features 13 mineral decors that perfectly imitate authentic stone tiles and 43 wood imitations. Equipped with a 0.3 mm wear layer and sealed with a PUR+ treatment, this floor is prepared to surprise you. Gerflor is a popular producer's thanks not only to its incredible resilience but also for its eco-friendly production and low VOC emission.


glue down LVT is a high quality, luxury vinyl flooring that is available in easy to install planks. The Amtico Spacia glue down is a durable and affordable solution for both residential and commercial use. glue down collection is available in over 180 design options. With designs such as wood, stone, and abstract, you can be sure you are getting an elegant and stylish flooring. These vinyl floor planks are not only stylish but also extremely durable. The Amtico Spacia glue down is rated for commercial use and is robust and hardwearing, with a .55mm wear layer and PUR surface treatments. Amtico backs their glue down range with a 20-year warranty, and a range of vast choices of exquisite hardwood, stone and granite designs, so you can be sure that you are getting the best available quality when it comes to this vinyl plank flooring.


Unlike with other types of vinyl flooring, the glue-down installation requires a few extra materials, such as special vinyl glue and a heavy roller for smoothing out and fixating the planks. Once the adhesive is laid on the prepared subfloor, the vinyl tiles or planks can be placed tightly next to one another on top of the adhesive bed. The layer of glue then fixes the vinyl tiles and planks on the ground, so that, when dry, nothing will slip or move. It is suitable to use glue down floors with underfloor heating and is water resistant.

Once the installation is finished and the glue is completely dry, the vinyl plank flooring is guaranteed to last and support even the heaviest of loads. It is possible to lay these floors as a DIY task, meaning there is no need to hire a professional. Though it is advised to take your time, read all the directions thoroughly and to be sure to double check your work.


See for yourself how brilliant these products are by browsing the versatile collections in our online shop. You will be able to find glue-down vinyl planks and tiles that fit all your requirements. Be it wood or stone designs, for laying in residential, commercial or industrial environments, the ideal design is waiting for you right here. With BRICOFLOR, find all products online at your disposal. We have selected the best manufacturers and the best collections to offer the high-quality products at the best price guaranteed. All collections enjoy an excellent quality/price ratio and are

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