Composite Decking Capped 360° Shield

Co-extrusion composite decking is manufactured using the latest co-extrusion technology in the industry, embossing natural wood grain by compression roller machines to match hardwood finished. Substances of co-extrusion composite decking contain Wood Plastic Composite Core (WPC) and 360° Polymer Shield.

This coextrusion composite decking can transform your own traditional and contemporary space for homeowners and the public space.

The first generation of composite decking is heritage range, the second of composite decking is co-extrusion range. Co-extrusion composite decking is made with recycled PE and natural fibres, no PVC and no ingredients that will ever harm our environment.

With a distinctive nature wood grain pattern and a tropical hardwood finish, Co-extrusion Deck has a natural wood appearance and stays that way for decades. Our unique technology and proprietary formula provide Ultra-performance compared to other composite decking. Resistant for crack, splinter, mould, stain and scratch, Co-extrusion composite decking provide superior protection in high traffic areas.

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