Some videos of the most popular of laying patios paving slabs on the internet. We don't think we can spend a lot of money on making videos better than them, so we suggest the customers search correct method of laying patio paving slabs on google. We are grateful to the efforts of these video authors, and their method of laying is the right way to be recognized in the paving stone industry.

We strongly remind the landscapers and DIYer must to screed bedding for keeping the mortar evenly on the ground, do not let spot bedding, ring bedding and other uneven mortar to support slabs.

All natural stone have pores. There is no stone that doesn’t absorb water. Reflected water stains can sometimes occur on a lot of slabs on the market if not laid correctly.  Please always seek professional advice and guidance when you lay your patio. Always remind your landscaper to screed the bedding so that this keeps the mortar evenly and level on the ground.

When laying natural stone slabs, lay on a full mortar bed. This will not prevent through bed staining, but will reduce the chances the of it taking place. All good practice guidance suggests that paving stone should be fully bedded and not laid on dots and dabs.

In any paving slabs surface grouting (including natural stones slabs and porcelain slabs), the solidifiable grout material should be cleaned timely otherwise resin hardener will make impression on tile. Sometimes, the stained may not be absorbed but solidifiable chemical hardener may not be cleaned up.

All stone dealers sell almost the same products if the name of stone product is similar, so the reflect water stain risk of the product you are buying is exactly the same.