We are no longer accepting preorders after 15-06-2020

  1. Our selling is very fast so as our imports cannot match our selling;
  2. The huge containers arrived can only meet part of the customers of preorder, a large number of customers can not buy from the normal product page, which is unfair, so we have to temporarily terminate preorder;
  3. The best way to pre-order is to fill form and send to us according this demo guide;
  4. We only accept full crate pre-order, and usually don't accept split crate pre-orders except existing customers to complete the unfinished project;
  5. The pre-order customers will be notified as soon as stock back under normal circumstances;
  6. Because there are too many pre-orders, we are very sorry that we cannot guarantee 100% to satisfy every pre-order customer's request on time;
  7. All prices are subject to fluctuation due to factors beyond the company’s control, we reserve the right to change prices without notice;
  8. Pre-order is not a legal contract, Stone Paving Direct Ltd does not assume any responsibility unless the customer has paid deposit.

Guide demo of pre order

Our normal stock