We have free website service and basaic level SEO for landscapers, builders, and developers

  1. Stone Paving Direct Ltd (Hereinafter referred to as SPD) will register a domain, host and design your website for FREE. This is a service for trade professional who will be happy to have their business online showcasing the projects undertaken using products purchased from SPD. This service is totally free of charge.
  2. Trade professional will be requested to provide pictures, videos, text content from their projects and history so that our techolage team can add these to the websites.
  3. Trade professionals will assign copyright for the pictures and other media content to SPD for use in its digital marketing efforts including social media platforms.
  4. SPD will assume permission to use this content has been provided by the trade professionals client.
  5. SPD will carry out a Free basic level of SEO and Google Maps for the website and update as required. For Example
  6. SPD will provide further price discounts for qualified trade professionals and additional incentives for those that join the Free website programme.
  7. SPD will establish a directory on its website that will link to each website so that customers visiting the SPD website can quickly locate a trade professional in their area who they can contact for further information.
  8. To keep the website managed and updated SPD will expect to receive orders in a 12-month rolling cycle set at a very modest minimum level of £1,500 ex VAT. If sales in this period fall below this level SPD reserves the right to suspended the website and / or content and any directory entries. As this is a new service, we will work with contractors to avoid this wherever possible.
  9. SPD reserves the right to withdraw this offer without prior notice.

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If you have any questions about this offer please contact our team by calling 01908 973 298, download documents.

limestone paving warehouse

Massive stock approx. 25,000 m² of patio paving slabs in Felixstowe Warehouse

Massive stock approx. 20,000 m² of paving stones in Felixstowe Warehouse

Massive stock approx. 5,000 m² of porcelain paving slabs in Felixstowe warehouse